Ozark Glass & Novelty

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Northwest Arkansas' Premiere Smoke Shop

Ozark Glass & Novelty, a sister company to XL Vapors established in 2013, is your source for quality glass and smoking accessories.

Ozark Glass & Novelty

Local Artisan Spotlight

We proudly carry hand blown glass pipes and accessories from Local Ozark Artisans.

Pipes Of All Types

With a focus in all things glass, Ozark Glass & Novelty has a large selection of glass including hand blown pipes from local artisans, water pipes, specialty pipes, decorative pipes, metal pipes, wood pipes, ceramic pipes, and hookah pipes. We carry the brands you know, want, and trust.

Pipes not your thing?

If pipes are not your thing, we’ve still got you covered. We carry a premium selection of rolling papers, wraps, cones, dab kits, oil kits, concentrate accessories and hookah products to name a few.

Smoking Accessories

Our inventory also includes a huge variety of lighters, ashtrays, cases, grinders, scales, detox products, cleaning products, incense, hats, t-shirts, and more. The list goes on and on.